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Themes I like capturing best

My first two galleries are devoted to the areas which inspire me the most – mountains and sandstone rocks. The third one shows people I have met during my journeys, especially to Himalaya. As time goes by I would like to add a gallery of sport climbing. Finally, I do not want to forget about my homeland, so I am going to select my best pictures from The Lusatian Mountains and The Bohemian Switzerland.

Standa "Sany" Mitac

Standa "Sany" Mitac

photographer, climber and guide
Standa Mitac has graduated from the Charles University in Prague (Master's degree, specialization Print and Photography) and today he works as a freelance journalist. Standa is a chief editor of “eMontana” (climbing and adventure magazine). In addition he leads photography workshops and climbing training camps in Elbe Sandstones. “Climbing is not about grades and life is not about money.”

He likes cooperating with people who know that happiness is not for sale. He is addicted to situations when he does not care about time and date – especially in the mountains or sandstone rock areas. He does take any treatment for his addiction.


I like arranging cooperation in person

so that both sides are satisfied in the end


Stanislav Mitac
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